Game Chef - Everyday Venison

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Over fifty healthy veld to table recipes, easy to prepare and enough variety for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether you are a hunter or purchase your venison from a butcher, this modern approach to humankind oldest source of food will certainly delight at the table.

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Book reviews

“If recipes like Stuffed Egyptian Goose Medallions, Braaied Yellow-Billed duck Breast, Duck and Cherry Beer Pie, does not get your mouth watering, then the full page photograph accompanying each recipe certainly will.

The pictures alone make the book a candidate for the coffee table.  Clearly a lot of effort has gone into setting up the photos and they create an ambiance of country living with even the utensils used being reminiscent of the hunting field”

By Phillip Hayes, as published in Man Magnum Magazine, issue March 2016

“Leslie then lets us into his heart as he reveals his ‘magic moments’ with his beloved well-trained dogs (Gumba and Ruger, both German Shorthaired Pointers), friends, and the wonderful experience of misty early mornings, or cool evenings spent around a fire.”

By Dr. Peter Oberem, as published in Wildlife Ranching Magazine, issue 1, 2016

“This is a book that any wingshooter will enjoy and one that would be a very welcome gift at any time of the year for those that enjoy this demanding field sport.  It is highly recommended!”

By Dr. John Ledger as published in African Sporting Gazette, issue January/Feb/March 2017