Tactical gloves khaki: xl

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Tactical Gloves Khaki: XL

You have 2 hands and 10 fingers: Do what it takes to protect them whether at work or at play

These gloves are specifically designed to protect the fingers palms and knuckles when using firearms or other tools

Slim enough not to result in you changing your grip when using a pistol, knife, shotgun or rifle. 

Microfibre with reinforced palm protection and rubber reinforced knuckle protection. The gloves have a hook and loop closing strap at the wrists and are lightweight and breathable.


The index finger can be used on touch screen devices


Weight 100g per glove.

Size: Will easily conform/stretch to size hands from Medium to XL size. If gloves do not fit we will refund the customer (Once the gloves are returned in new condition with packaging)

Colour: Khaki