Pangolin 180 D Movable safe with one dock for one handgun, ArmoKote finish # 920100

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 Pangolin portable safe 

Vehicle handgun safe

A new product engineered for providing a very high level of protection against theft of handguns from motor vehicles whilst traveling or during unattended parking

SABS Compliant

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Low profile

Note than in order to comply with firearms regulations the safe (or dock) must be mounted by a professional installer who must supply a certificate of installation verifying compliance with standards. There is an additional installation cost from R650,00 that is not included in the product price. Click here for a list of candidate vehicle fitment centres.

See Technical spec sheet for sizes

Manufactured in two types: one for permanent installation (Fixed) and the other removable (Docked).  The patent pending Docked design allows the safe to be mechanically secured or detached from a vehicle in a few seconds, after having had a Pangolin Dock permanently affixed in a convenient location. It is portable and  easily carried from one location to another.

The design and components are exceptionally resistant to lock picking, lock breaking, physical penetration and removal of the safe from its mounting in the vehicle or other location. 

  • Permanent or portable

  • Available in a variety of dimensions and configurations

  • Independently tested and verified

  • Rugged and wear resistant finish

  • Clamshell all-steel design


A low profile safe that can either be permanently installed in a vehicle or portable, being quickly and easily attached and detached


It is available in a variety of dimensions and configurations, aiming to accommodate all popular handguns.


Safe has been independently tested and verified to satisfy the requirements of SANS 953-1:2018 Storage of firearms and ammunition in motor vehicles and caravans.


Clamshell all-steel design with 80° opening cover and mechanical lock. The safe shell and docking plate consist of multiple custom designed fabricated parts (formed, welded and bolted).


The high quality and secure mechanical lock (>800 000 combinations) acts upon a proprietary, purpose designed, dual locking bolt mechanism with re-lockers.


  • Complies with SABS 953-1:2018 – independently tested and verified type B3 safe
  • All steel construction with strategic high hardness steel internal reinforcements
  • Innovative clamshell construction mimics the most secure creature found in nature
  • Maximum security design combined with arrangement for fast and easy access
  • Scratch, impact and stain resistant Pangolin Armokote finish as standard
  • Protects firearms against dust and impact with felt and foam lined interior
  • Fixed or portable optional docked version, one safe for use in multiple locations
  • Two sizes to choose from, comfortably accommodates all popular handguns
  • Complete system supplied with installation kit for the installer
  • High security lock with unique keys eliminates possibility of lock picking
  • Compact design permits quick and minimally invasive installation

The Pangolin H firearm safe for handguns is designed and manufactured in South Africa by specialist security company Biagi Saga Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

The products, designs and technology incorporated therein are proprietary to Biagi Saga Technologies (Pty) Ltd with PCT patent application (PCT/IB2020/056610) pending and South African Registered Design A2019/01076 pending.

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