KUZEY F92 Blank Firing 9mm + 12 Blank rounds (Non Lethal)

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NO LICENCE REQUIRED.  9mm Blank Cartridges are for warning shots or to draw attention in a crisis of self defence. 

Can also be used for firearm training 

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METAL Semi-Auto Blank Pistol F-92 made by Kuzey uses 9mm P.A.K. Blanks.  Pistol is made out of metal and weights and works as real weapon. Magazine has space for 18 Blanks and it has classic Double action/Single action trigger system.

• Metal Blank Pistol
• Semi-Auto firing mode
• 18 9mm P.A. Blank Magazine capacity
• Plastic Pistol Case
• includes 12 Blank Rounds
• 1 year warranty