550 Paracord 100m-Burgundy #PARA100BU

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550 Paracord 100m: Burgundy

7 Strand Nylon thread Core in a Nylon Braided Outer Sheath

The 100m is supplied on a reel.

 The inner strands can be used for fishing or stitching or other finer applications

Once the inner strands are removed, the outer sheath can still be used for tying and binding.

Excellent outdoor use for lashing, tying, binding etc. Other uses may include: Shoe laces, Lanyards, Rifle Slings, Knife Handles, Whips and for making Bracelets

Good abrasion resistance and a High Tenacity cord

All nylon construction 7 inner core threads

Abrasion resistant, high tenacity cord

Available in various colours in 15m and 100m lengths

Thickness Ø: 2.5-3mm

100m = 800g (Including Spool)

**100m length come wrapped around a plastic spool**