Balistix Pro- Handgun Bullet Puller

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Introducing the all new exciting and affordable Balistix Pro Handgun Bullet Puller

What is Bullet Pulling?

Bullet pulling is the removal of the bullet from a loaded cartridge.

Why Bullet Pulling?

Reloaders may find that a loaded cartridge is not performing optimally and the batch of loaded cartridges need to be dismantled in order to correct the load.  Firing of these “incorrect” rounds will mean wasting good bullets, powder, primers and the case life.

Bullet pulling is therefore a money and time saving exercise.

Why the Balistix Pro Bullet Puller?

The Balistix Pro Bullet Puller was developed to address a few common issues, concerns and limitations that most reloaders have experienced with other similar products on the market, namely:

    1. Affordable, since one Pro Bullet Puller accommodates many calibres.
    2. No compromise on built quality.
    3. Solid durable all stainless steel material.
    4. Ease of use and setup (no need for collets, etc.)
    5. Very compact – ease of storage
    6. If used correctly the Pro Bullet Puller will not damage the extracted bullet.
    7. Made in South Africa.