550 Paracord 15m-Orange #PARA15ORA

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550 Paracord 15m - Orange

15m of 7 Strand Nylon thread Core in a Nylon Braided Outer Sheath


  • The inner strands can be used for fishing or stitching or other finer applications
  • Once the inner strands are removed, the outer sheath can still be used for tying and binding.
  • Excellent outdoor use for lashing, tying, binding etc.
  • Other uses may include: Shoe laces, Lanyards, Rifle Slings, Knife Handles, Whips and for making Bracelets
  • Good abrasion resistance and a High Tenacity cord
  • All nylon construction 7 inner core threads
  • Abrasion resistant, high tenacity cord

Available in various colours in 15m and 100m lengths

Weight: 15m = 110g

Thickness Ø: 2.5-3mm