.224 69gr OTM Scenar Lapua Bullets (100) #LN-4PL5015

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LAPUA BULLET 224 69 GR OTM SCENAR (100) The Lapua Scenar bullets are the first choice for superior accuracy. The Scenar is an open tip match bullet with a boat tail design, perfect for competitive shooting in a multitude of events. It has a superb track record at mid-range and long range rifle matches and bench rest shooting at an international level. The Scenar bullet comes in a vast selection of calibers.

Caliber Prod. no. Bullet diameter Product code Weight Type Bullet name Ballistic coefficient BC G1 Ballistic coefficient BC G7
mm in g grs
5.69 mm (.224) 4 PL/HL 5015 5.69 .224 GB544 4.5 69 OTM ScenarL 0.341 0.171


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