.30 175gr Target Balistix Bullets #.30UH175/001 Pre-Owned , box of 41

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  • All Balistix bullets are of a monolithic construction. The bullets are CNC manufactured from solid copper to stringent tolerances. This results in a bullet with superior geometric accuracy, if compared to swaged lead core bullets. Because of the monolithic construction, there is no fluctuation in jacket thickness.
  • Chamber over pressure is eliminated thanks to the optimal drive band design.
  • The bullets are also environmentally friendly, since they do not contain lead.
  • The bullets feature a rebated boat tail design. This improves bullet accuracy at longer distances, as it combines the advantages of both a flat base and conventional boat tail design.
  • The engaging ogive design of the bullets make them sensitive to bullet jump. This results in a bullet that can be “tuned” for accuracy in the same way as leading brands of lead core bullets.
  • All bullets are coated with Hexagonal Boron Nitrate (HBN). HBN is a modern dry lubricant with excellent properties as a bullet coating, including:
    • Reduced copper fowling resulting in easier cleaning, less extreme spread in velocities and less difference between cold bore and follow up shots.
    • Improvement in barrel life due to lower pressures being needed to achieve the required bullet velocity.
    • Is a very clean coating in comparison to other bullet coatings.
    • Has a high temperature resistance of over 900ºC. Other coatings like molybdenum disulphide oxidizes at the elevated temperatures, and are no longer effective.
    • HBN does not build up in the barrel of your firearm.
    • Is both inert and non-toxic.