Chronograph R2hH #LMBRCHRONOR2H

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The ideal chronograph for all projectile speeds ..

High Quality Product, manufactured with metal frame with ultra-precise sensors, works with normal batteries of 1.5 Volts (2 units included with the device).

Get directly in joules or ft/lb the energy, you only have to facilitate the weight of the projectile to the device, recording it in the same, shoot through the window, the device will inform you, of the speed of the projectile and of the energy directly calculated in joules.

The R2H ballistic chronograph model is indicated for firearms (rifles and pistols), pneumatic weapons (rifles and pistols) and bows.

How the chronograph works:

Mount the batteries that accompany the device, are two commercial batteries of 1.5 volts, you have to remove the black plastic cover that appears in the lower part of the device, it is fastened with 4 Allen screws in the corners, remove the four screws, remove the lid, put the two batteries in place following the drawing that appears and close the lid

again, notice how the lid is placed because it has a posture, the two slots should be placed as they come from the house.

  • Press the switch that appears on the back of the device, the screen will light up.

  • Of the three screws that appear on the front, above the screen, the one on the left serves to start the program, press it, with the enter the weight loading mode of the projectile. With the other two buttons, indicate the weight of the projectile, one of the buttons goes up and the other goes down. Once you have reached the right weight, press the left button again, in this way the weight of the projectile is fixed and the device is ready for use.

  • Shoot through the appliance window with a distance of the fire nozzle (for air guns) of about 10/12 cm. and about 25/30 cm in the case of a 22 LR caliber firearm and greater distance for heavy weapons. The apparatus will give the projectile speed and energy readings in joules directly.


    In the measurements: air rifles, firearms and archery.


  • Velocity: 12 - 2000 m/seg.

  • Measurement error: < = 1% @ 1000 m/seg.

  • Current consumption: 100 mA

  • Power supply: 2AA (alkaline or rechargeable battery)

  • Dimensions: (hxwxd) 260x105x100 mm

  • Weight: 995 gr.


  • Velocity V(m/s)

  • Kinetic energy E(J)

  • Shooting counter

  • Average kinetic energy Esr (J)

  • Average velocity Vsr (m/s)

  • Minimum velocity Vmin (m/s)

  • Maximum velocity Vmax (m/seg)

  • Absolut velocity dV= (Vmax-Vmin)

  • Standard deviation SV (m/s)

  • Velocity in fps V(fps)

  • Rate of fire RoF

  • Weight of bullet od 0.01 - 50.00 g

  • Calibration (settable distance between sensors)

  • Memory of 250 measurements of velocities.

  • Data transmission to computer

    Connection to a computer:

    Connect the PC to the device using an RS232 COM cable (not included). The transmission speed is 19200 bps. The data is sent to the computer and displayed after each shot. The data can be selected for readout using Hyper Terminal from Windows or TeraTerm. The displayed results can be copied to a text file or to an Excel sheet