Bushveldt adjustable double mag pouch large pistol - grey w/ pink #KHS170206-07GP

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Adjustable Double Mag Pouch Large Pistol - Grey w/ Pink

  • Adjustable double pouch for service pistol magazines.
  • Accommodates most Glock, Beretta, CZ etc Mags.
  • Attaches to Tactical vests or other gear with the MOLLE as well as tactical/rigger belts for EDC
  • Velcro closure.
  • The cover flaps of the magazine pouches are adjustable to cover most lengths of a magazine.
  • The cover flaps can be detached from the pouches to create a speed pouch for rapid access.
  • Can also be used as a carrying pouch for torches, multi-tools, bandages
  • One year guarantee on materials & workmanship.