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Pamwe Chete
The Legend of the Selous Scouts
Lieutenant- Colonel R.F. Reid Daly CLM, DMM, MBE

Translated from the Shona “Pamwe Chete!” literally means”Together Only!” or “All together!” This simple phrase captures the essence of the legend of the Selous Scouts a tightly-knit, multiracial unit, unique in its own time and ahead of its own time.

Formed in 1973 by the author, Lieutenant- Colonel Ron Reid Daly, as the Rhodesian bush war intensified, the Selous Scouts Regiment very soon became one of Africa’s, and for that matter the world’s foremost and ruthless proponents of pseudo operations guerrilla counter-insurgency warfare. During this short seven-year existence, up to Zimbabwe’s independence 1980, this regiment was to write, with honour, its name in the annals of military history, within its modus operandi.

Responsible for over 68% of guerrilla casualties within Rhodesia during the bitter civil war, the regiment was also directly responsible for countless thousands more, accounted for on numerous external raids into Zambia, Mozambique and Botswana. In spite of sanctions, a hostile world opinion and a sometimes cumbersome and archaic Rhodesian political and military high command, the Selous Scouts were still able, through innovation, imagination, bravery, courage and daring, to wreak untold havoc and destruction on the country’s enemies.

The regiment, a unique brotherhood of men that traversed cultural and racial differences, was to produce the type of soldier that earned for the unit one Grand Cross of Valour, nine Silver Crosses and 22 Bronze Crosses, as well as a innumerable other awards for valour and gallantry.

Twenty years have passed since the dissolution of this once feared regiment. Thrown to the wolves for political expedience, a suitable scapegoat for the untold atrocities perpetrated during the bush war, the regiment was disbanded and forgotten.

But history has not forgotten and the legend of the Selous Scouts lives on.

ISBN 1-919874-33-X/ 9781919874333

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