Ultratec MS5131 Trust 100 Hours

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Ultratec MS5131 Trust 100 Hours

This is a set of 2 AC/DC rechargeable Multi Function Emergency/Camping LED Lanterns. Features:

    •  24 LED Lantern function.
    • 4 LED Flashlight function.
    • Over 10 000 working hours of LED life.
    • Patented Reflector for better light distribution.
    • Built in Discharge Protection Circuit with fuse protected circuitry. Specifications:
    • 50 hour run time in Lantern mode
    • 100 hour run time in Flashlight mode. Charge using the 220V AC Power cord or DC power cords supplied with the set.

Additional Features:

    • Flip up/down carry handle
    • Wall Mountable
  • USB output for charging cell phones or other USB chargeable devices.